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Motu Tane : Everything To Know About The Private Island

In the South Pacific region of French Polynesia, there is an island called Motu Tane. It is approximately 9,6 acres (3,88 ha) in size, with a maximum length and width of 305 m by 190 m. Motu Tane occupies a particularly important site because it is situated on the northern side of the island, about 2 km from the shore of Bora Bora, and only 340 meters (less than a kilometre) from Mute Island, which is home to the airport. Motu Tane is a private island of extreme luxury.

As nearly everyone is aware, Bora Bora is a well-known island with some of the greatest tropical scenery on the planet, featuring hills, lush foliage, breathtaking blue lagoons, powder-soft white sand beaches, and an abundance of coconut trees.

Main Feature

One of the main features of Bora Bora is the island’s elevated position within an island, with other smaller, level islands scattered about, and a magnificent lagoon separating them. You can expect a wide variety of corals and aquatic life there.

And Motu Tane is one of those islands that are dispersed around Bora Bora that directly overlooks the main island and its peaks, offering breathtaking views each and every time. Due to Motu Tane’s close proximity to the airport island and Bora Bora’s popularity as a vacation destination for wealthy individuals, it is hard to overlook or fail to notice it. Tane is in the thick of things when necessary, yet she is also rather alone. Coral reefs encircle it, and there’s a turquoise lagoon with plenty of warm, shallow water with a lot of water-based activities.

About Motu Tane Island

In addition, Motu Tane has a lot of coconut palms and white sand beaches, giving it a tropical atmosphere reminiscent of the South Pacific! The island has been constructed with an opulent aesthetic, featuring all the amenities one might possibly require. Since they have the most accurate information, the following text is taken from The Pinnacle List, a website that offers this island, for more specific details:

In summary, Motu Tane is among the greatest private islands on the planet and has been up for sale for a while—a true gem. However, as we are an educational blog that focuses on commentary and educational topics rather than selling islands, you will need to search elsewhere for that information.


Motu Tane’s accommodations are meant to offer site visitors the utmost in comfort and elegance. The island has 4 roomy, tastefully provided bungalows, each with an awesome attraction and flair. The bungalows provide breathtaking perspectives of the turquoise waters encircling the island, set amidst the lovely leaves of the island.

A king-length mattress, aircon, a minibar, and a private bathroom with a bath are capabilities found in each bungalow. Additionally, the bungalows have relaxed lounging areas that are ideal for unwinding and taking inside the island’s herbal splendour. Modern conveniences like flat-display TVs and Wi-Fi are included within the bungalows, permitting guests to live connected even as taking inside the peace and quiet of the island.


With quite a few scrumptious and skillfully organized dishes that highlight the finest of French and Polynesian delicacies, Motu Tane gives visitors a world-magnificence eating experience. The restaurant on the island is located in an adorable, serene area with breathtaking perspectives of the lagoon.

Fresh meals are served at the eating place’s menu. Made the usage of substances which are produced locally and is intended to highlight the scents and tastes of the South Pacific. A form of ingredients are available for visitors to appreciate, which includes grilled seafood, local specialties, and worldwide favourites. Additionally, the eating place serves a cautiously chosen assortment of wines and beverages. Ideal for sipping dinner or taking in the sunset.


Motu Tane provides a variety of facilities and activities for visitors to take advantage of while there. The island’s pristine waters make for the ideal environment for stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkelling. Along with exploring the island’s abundant greenery, visitors can take a relaxing walk around its perimeter.

The island’s spa provides a selection of calming and revitalizing procedures aimed at assisting visitors in decompressing and recharging. A variety of body treatments, facials, and massages are available to guests, all of which are done in a calm and relaxing environment.

For the adventure-seeking ones. Motu Tane provides a variety of tours and activities, such as scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and island-hopping trips. The professional and informed staff at the island can assist site visitors in creating the correct agenda. Making certain they’ve a memorable life full of reports.


Motu Tane intends to guard the island’s herbal atmosphere and to maintain it as a shelter for local plant and animal species. Coconut fingers, hibiscus, and frangipani are just a few of the exotic plant species that name the island’s lush greenery home.

The marine existence within the island’s crystal easy waters is abundant and consists of rays, sharks, and colourful tropical species. Visitors are entreated to examine the sensitive stability of the island’s herbal environment as Motu Tane tries to guard the island’s herbal surroundings.

Final Thoughts

The steeply-priced non-public island motel of Mount Tane gives traffic with a brilliant and unique revel in deep within the heart of the South Pacific. Motu Tane is the perfect place for individuals in search of a very exceptional excursion, offering opulent lodging, pinnacle-notch food, and an array of activities to experience.

Whether you need to move on an interesting journey or just chill in a relaxed and beautiful surroundings. Everyone can benefit from Motu Tane. With its determination to defend the surroundings and impart French and Polynesian subculture at its finest. Every visitor should place Motu Tane on their bucket list due to the fact it’s miles a clearly specific vicinity to visit. The island’s singular fusion of opulent lodging and breathtaking scenery. Additionally, awesome food and amusement make it the best desire for a romantic trip. An ideal desire for a solo or circle of relatives excursion

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